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Celebrating 30 years of contemporary photography


Photography by Blake
Professional battery or AC lighting
Rolling light stands
Radio triggered multiple lighting

Face retouching
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Post production Photoshop
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The low camera angle was designed to bring out the grill and perfect  the look of the antique car.  I positioned the tripod to be just below head angle for the little girl.  Now mom needs to lean forward toward dad and everything is complete.  About 15 clicks later we had the shot.


Marci and Landon have artwork of grape leaves in every room of their house. 
This tunnel of foliage is in Jupiter Florida.


family portraiture in your home
Parque Lefevre Panama


The white background is the timeless option that will never go out of style.  My High Key, white background, lighting technique creates flattering soft tonality to bring out skin tone and color.




The beach is one of Florida's most popular location for family photographs.  There are two times of the day that the lighting is available for beach portraiture.  The early morning and the half hour before sunset.


Multiple lights in subdued lighting is the magic that exposes the image.   Our style is to find a fade away background that complements the subject.  We know the spots and the right time to complement the locations  and lighting.






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