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Fred Spurlin, and family, moved to The Canal Zone in 1974. From day one he was hooked on the Code of The Canal Zone, "Always Be Helping Someone". With that ethic and his talent in photography and story telling the task of photographing as many memories possible. Preserving the memories of the Red, White and Blue Utopia was his passion.

This Web Site Is Dedicated To The Memory Of Fred Spurlin Photography Professor - Canal Zone College

All images on this site are a result of 13 years and 18,000 photographs taken by Fred & Blake Spurlin. Endless miles of seeking out the right day, light and look.

All images on this website not to be used in any commercial capacity without a written contract with Spurlin Photography © 2021.

This website is dedicated to the memories of everyone who was involved in the Panama Canal Zone


Official Launch Date of Canal Zone Images 11.1.11