My philosophy on photography started with the quality and work ethic of my father Fred  Spurlin.

Dad was a college photography professor, librarian as well as the Panama Canal Zone Deputy Superintendent of Schools, at times simultaneously, who always encouraged me to pick up the camera. 

From the day I picked up the camera I was hooked.

As a professional photographer, to pick up the camera should be an event to shiver the spine.  The immediate knowledge of how to adapt any situation into a 3,4 even a 5 dimensional piece within a 2 dimensional environment is the task of the true photographer.  2022 is my 39th year as a professional photographer, it is clear, ongoing education and keeping up with technology is the task to embrace and  nurture.


Commercial photography and Video is our specialty,


For current, past and new students or clients.  Feel free to contact me for any and all projects or just to talk photography!

Work Experience

  • Vincent Price Studios - Studio Photographer - St. Louis Mo. 1983 - 1985

  • Tom Allen Photography - Chief Photographer - St. Louis Mo. 1985 - 1988

  • United States Department of Defense Contractor USARSO - Fort Clayton Rep. of Panama 1988-1991

  • Bryn Alan Photography - Senior Photographer - Miami Fl. 1991-1994

  • Blunck Studio's - Studio Manager / Photographer - Lawton Ok. 1994 - 1998

  • Owner / Operator, Spurlin Photography, Fort Lauderdale Fl. 1998 - 2022

  • Professor of Photography & Photoshop, South Florida State College, Avon Park Fl  2017 - 2018

  • Werner Ent. - OTR Laredo TX. to Hersey Pa. long haul refrigeration semi driver Omaha Ne. 2020 - 2021

  • Crete Carriers - OTR 48 state long haul semi driver - Lincoln Ne. 2022

  • Spurlin Photo - Photography, PhotoShop and Video Production instruction, Daytona Beach Fl. 2022

Special Projects and Awards

  • Small Business Person Of The Year - Pompano Beach Florida Chamber of Commerce 2006

  • Whole Foods Market photography director - Florida Region 1998 - 2005

  • US Dept of Commerce - Trade Delegation - Official Delegate/Photographer Munich Germany 2001 

  • Enterprise Florida Florida Trade Delegation - Official Delegate and Photographer,  England and Wales 2002

  • United States Department of Commerce - Official Delegate/Photographer, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia  2005

  • Master of Photography Study - Professional Photographers Association of America   Sam Houston State University - Huntsville Texas 1995 - Instructors: Tom and Jo Alice McDonald #2 ranked PPofA

  • DOD DIA Linguist Interrogator - Operation Just Cause - Panama 1989-1991

  • Best of Show Print Award - Missouri Professional Photographers Association Convention St. Louis, Mo., 1986.

  • Black Belt - Tang Soo Do - US Army Post Fort Clayton, Panama 1983,Instructor & SabomNim Ramon Navarro, 6th Dan Hap Ki Do Tang Soo Do, Academia de Song Moo Kwan Marcasa Panama - till present 2022

  • Blake speaks: English as a native language
                               Spanish fluent, At age 25 Blake bought a Spanish book and learned on the streets

Daytona Beach Florida     954-654-9511

Hurricanes Attended

  • Camille - Hattiesburg Mississippi 1969
    Category 5 Hurricane

  • Katrina -Fort Lauderdale Florida 2005
    Category 4 Hurricane

  • Andrew - Miami Florida 1992
    Category 5 Hurricane

  • Wilma - Fort Lauderdale Floridai 2005
    Category 3 Hurricane

  • Charlie - Fort Lauderdale Florida 2004
    Category 4 Hurricane

  • Irma - Sebring Florida 2017
    Category 4 Hurricane

  • Jeanne - Fort Lauderdale Floridai 2004
    Category 3 Hurricane

  • Iowa Derecho - Cedar Rapids Iowa 2020
    Category 2 Storm

Man Made Disasters Attended

  • Nachitoches La - Gas Line Explosion
    1965  17 fatalities

  • Panama City, Panama - Noriega Riots
    1988  12 fatalities

  • Republic of Panama - Operation Just Cause
    1989 - 1990  314 fatalities

  • Hattiesburg Ms - School Segregation Riots
    1967 - 1970  fatalities unknown

  • Balboa High School CZ - Car Bombings
    1978  1 fatality

  • Oklahoma City Ok - Murrah Bldg Bombing
    1992 - 168 fatalities

  • Panama Canal Zone - Jimmy Carter Treaty
    1979  0 fatalities

  • Miami Fl - Elian Gonzalez Riots
    2000  -  0 fatalities

  • Minneapolis Mn- George Floyd Riots
    2020 -  17 fatalities

  • Ft Lauderdale Fl- Hanging Chad Riots
    2000 -  0 fatalities

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Spurlin's are winners!
If you can't keep up
Stay the hell away.


It must suck knowing you will never experience life outside of a cornfield.
You will never learn a foreign language, not that you have the intellect to do so.
You will never experience foreign culture outside of the cruise ship excursion.
Enjoy your softball, it is all you will ever have.

Dear Lord,
do not forgive them for they know what they do.
In the name of Jesus, Amen

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